by Ghostmourn

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released August 9, 2016

Dorian L ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming



all rights reserved


Ghostmourn Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dorian L ~ All Instruments, Vocals.

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Track Name: The Winds Weave Into My Soul
Tears reflect against the wall,
drawing pictures of the stars,
as you find your salvation through the edge of a blade & the bottom of your heart.
The light of the stars,
dying out,
bleeding out,
reaching out,
crying out,
leaving your heart to wander in the darkness of despair for the rest of your existence.
Now I lay suspended in silence,
for my time is over & yours is just beginning.
Make space for a new star as the winds weave into my soul.
Track Name: The Astronomer
Bereft of the will to tear away from the stars.
Stars and planets roaming in the sky,
I stare through the ceiling, imagining.
I lay in silence above the stars,
listening to their soft whispers.
They dance around my head,
to the tempo of a shattered metronome.
I feel the winds caress my limbs,
bringing me closer to the void,
They kiss my skin as the winds wrap around my soul,
my eyes see black as the night sky:
The dead stare of your artificial smile.
Track Name: Upon The Dead Path
As the winter frost,
Enters me,
I can feel insanity,
It wont end,
It wont.
And my body will burn,
The sun rises from it's slumber.
As the earth falls away,
Now never find my way.
I watch it drown,
Off into the distant,
Burning out in a burning fiery blaze.
This is where the stars forever burn out,
Deep within my mind.
Where the sun burns down below,
Rotting away from you,
The hidden tomb.
Forever letting you rot away,
This is where you die,
You're carried away into the sunset,
From their bloodsoaking hands,
They tear you apart,
As you burn.
Track Name: My Ascension To The Stars
This place which nobody knows,
Where lights carry you away,
away from where the river flows,
and night is your new day.
Where the stars come alive.
Going nowhere,
I feel the noose around my throat,
I climb these stairs up to the heavens...
This is hell.
Track Name: In The Twilight Sky
I reach beyond the galaxy,
Where everything you know,
Is in eternal snow,
This light is perfect,
So cold and perfect and bleak.
In the twilight sky,
We burn forever,
Malevolent souls carried into being,
We saw creation at it's moment.
My mind is a place where the sun never sets.
Theres nothing left for you to take,
So far-gone,
Far away.
Track Name: Obscured In Dreams
As the night falls,
The earth fell away,
Beneath my very feet,
Enshrined in darkness.
Now light fades as the sun makes no sound.
Delicately drapes the earth in darkness.
Absently night falls as the daylight brings nature to life,
I sit quietly in darkness,
Where the roses bloom,
In harmony.
I lay motionless,
In silence.
Track Name: The Forgotten Light
I fall away into the lakes obscurity,
Take me away,
Whilst the sunlight dies,
Absently the night acts as your soul.
As they tear your soul from your very body,
In the night,
They tear your eyes out under the moon,
All in harmony.
Under the moonlight,
Take me away.
And with their bloodied hands,
They tear your eyes out under the moon.
This is where you've come to die,
You die right now.
I fall away into the lakes of purity,
Take me away,
Whilst the sunlight dies.